With over 50 years of combined executive experience, The Core Companies have developed a strong track record for identifying well-located sites, securing difficult entitlements, and building great residential communities. Since its inception, Core has developed more than 400 homes, townhomes, and condominiums, as well as 2,300 apartment units all within the South Bay region. In the last decade, Core has developed 17 properties with a total development cost of approximately $500 million. Our development team works in close collaboration with its member company, Core General Contractor, Inc., (‘CORE Builders’) on all of its projects. Core Builders’ relationship with Core Residential provides exceptional security to lending institutions by implementing value engineering, cost controls, time pressures, and a cohesive interaction.

Luxury Apartments

Core understands that the desires for our luxury renters go beyond the traditional amenities and finishes, and we take the utmost pride in providing a resort-style living experience with a modern, yet comfortable home.

Core Residential

Home Ownership

Core understands that buying a home is one of the largest investments one will make in their entire life.  With that in mind, we take the approach to reflect the prospective homeowners needs long before the first architectural discussions take place and carry that out with a strong attention to every detail during the design and construction process.  CORE's main focus remains on enhancing the quality of life of its customers, and on playing a positive role in the fabric of the neighborhoods it creates.

Core Homes

Affordable Apartments

CORE Affordable prides itself on building Developments with a genuine sense of community. Pride of living in each of the neighborhoods is apparent as Residents enjoy CORE’s quality workmanship and classic innovative designs.

Core Affordable