University Gardens

This 139-unit condominium project combines two unique aspects: historic preservation and units for first-time homebuyers. The buildings have a total of 175,000 square feet of space and include one, two and three-bedroom units. What is also unique to this project is its 30 units of affordable housing, which are mixed throughout the site. On-going coordination with the City of San Jose’s Housing Department has enabled University Gardens to serve the community need for entry-level housing. University Gardens combines a true sense of community with its family housing historic structure and proximity to the revitalized urban core of San Jose.

Owner: University Gardens
Address: South 12th Street, San Jose, CA 95112 (map)
Phone: N/A
Fax: N/A
Number of Units: 139 units
Type of Units: 1, 2 & 3 bedroom condo flats
Date Completed: 1992
Management Company: N/A
Availability: Sold Out
Developer: Fountain Lane Properties, David Neale
Architect: Carrassco & Associates Architects
Affordability: 80% Market Rate, 20% @ 120% AMI


Category: Apartment Home Transit Oriented Urban Infill